Pregnancy & Post natal

Preparing for a baby is an important, exciting time. Supporting that transition by creating a very individual treatment is beneficial for both mother and baby.

The benefits of massage and reflexology during pregnancy include:

  • Increase in blood and lymph circulation

  • Reduction in swelling, especially around the ankles and feet

  • Relief from lower back, pelvic, neck and shoulder pain

  • Decrease in anxiety levels and a greater feeling of wellbeing

Maternity Reflexology

A non-invasive complimentary therapy developed by Sally Earlam, which uses reflex points on the feet and hands to support health and well-being, for conception, pregnancy and preparing for labour.

45 MINS - £33*

traditional chinese medicine pregnancy reflexology

Developed by Heidi Armstrong, TCM is designed to support and nurture both mother and baby at all stages of pregnancy and preparation for labour.

45 MINS - £33*


Pregnancy Massage

This adapted massage aims to sooth and relieve aches and pains often associated with pregnancy.

30MINS - £30*
70MINS - £45*


Fusion treatments (Reflexology and Massage) are both relaxing and energising, giving relief to aching muscles and restoring balance to both mother and baby.

70MINS - £42*

* Each initial treatment has an additional £5 consultation charge