The history of complimentary therapies can be traced back through many ancient cultures, from China, India, Greece and Rome. Cities drew merchant caravans travelling the trade routes with their, medicinal herbs, spices and aromatic oils and those skilled in their use.

Aromatics were widely used as curatives, in worship and in beauty regimes; the Biblical account of Esther, (a Jewish maiden) is a perfect example. It tells of her extensive twelve month preparation by massage, with oils of Myrrh and Balsam, before being presented to the Persian King, Ahasuerus (Xerxes1) as his new wife. Ahasuerus ruled from India to Ethiopia from where such aromatics were sourced and gathered.

Later, Hippocrates, considered, the father of medicine circa 460 – 377 BC treated individuals by using baths and massage with scented infusions.  

Today, we continue that tradition of combining aromatic oils with soothing treatments to ease our modern maladies. 


Organic oils and Homeopathic balms of the highest quality have been selected as part of your treatment and both Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie  and Neom Skin Treatment Candles can be purchased directly or ordered for you to enjoy at home.


Aloe Vera, known as the Medicine Plant, has been used for thousands of years to aid natural healing.  This versatile plant has many healing properties and uses, both externally and internally, including:

  • Soothing minor burns (e.g sunburn)
  • Moisturising stressed skin (including eczema)
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Helping aid natural skin regeneration

I use Aloe products from Forever Living In my treatments to provide deeper muscular relief.

Forever Living is a global brand "dedicated to to seeking out nature's best best sources of health and beauty and sharing them with the world".

Their Aloe is carefully grown in the Dominican Republic and Texas in the best climate and conditions.

All products are available to purchase through my shop